The Diablotaur is the first boss of Serious Sam: Next Encounter.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Diablotaur is a large, eight-armed Minotaur wearing Roman-style armor, a gold facemask, wielding a sword with its right hand and a shield on one of its left arms.

Originally made by the Romans as a powerful competitor in the Colosseum, the creature has been modified by Mental by replacing its arms with modern weapons and giving it a new skeleton made out of titanium. The two arms above the Diablotaur's head have rocket launchers attached to them, the arms near the uppermost set are equipped with miniguns and his lowest set are equipped with laser guns. In addition, Mental installed a system that constantly makes the Diablotaur enraged, which keeps a steady supply of adrenaline flowing through it, making it feel no pain.

Attacks and stats[edit | edit source]

The Diablotaur has three attacks; fire its rockets, lasers and miniguns at the target. The rockets are fired in a five round burst and will explode in a pattern. The lasers it fires are similar to Ugh-Zan III's, in that it will attempt to predict where the player is moving and fire lasers in front of where it thinks the player is moving. The miniguns fires a burst of homing bullets.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Their is a pair of Serious Skates in the arena. These are very valuable because they make it much easier to dodge both the Diablotaur's attacks and the enemies that are in the arena. Try to pick them up as soon as possible.
  • The Diablotaur's lasers can be dodged by standing near one spot, then moving in the opposite direction of where the lasers are being shot at. You can also avoid the laser beams by jumping over them.
  • Its rockets can be dodged by running forwards from where your position was prior to when the Diablotaur launches its rockets. You will be able to run past the rockets and be untouched by them.
  • Its homing bullets are the hardest weapon to dodge without Serious Skates because of their heat-seeking nature. Dodging to the left or right works to an extent, but some of them will most likely hit the player due to their homing nature. Thankfully, there are plenty of health pickups in the arena, so if you take a significant amount of damage from bullets over an extended period of time, all you need to do is pick up a Large Health nearby.
  • The XPML4000 Rocket Launcher and RAPTOR Sniper Rifle are the best weapons to use against the Diablotaur. The XPML4000 deals a consistent stream of damage to the Diablotaur, while the RAPTOR does a lot of damage per shot, the delay between shots means that the damage caused will be less consistent than with the rocket launcher. The RAPTOR is useful in that it can finish it off after the player runs out of rockets and is no longer able to get anymore ammunition.
  • Don't forget to keep the other enemies in the arena under control. The Porcine Berserkers can stop the player in their tracks while dodging the Diablotaur's projectiles, while the Beheaded Kamikazes can inflict good damage if one hits the player, and outright kill you if you don't heal up in time. Whenever the opportunity arises, the player should try to look around and clear out any nearby enemies so that the player won't get a nasty surprise via a Berserker getting in the way or a Kamikaze blowing up in front of them before they have a chance to shoot it.
  • When the Diablotaur begins to constantly charge towards you, now is the time to finish it off with the sniper rifle. The Diablotaur can inflict a significant amount of damage if it manages to run you over a few times, so you need to kill it quickly, and the sniper rifle can do enough damage to kill it in time.

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