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"I told them there was something out there, but no-one believed me."

Daniel Carter, more commonly referred to as just Carter, is a member of the Alien Artifact Acquisition team and the Earth Defense Force, where he worked behind the front lines, contributing his "unique talents". He is a supporting character in Serious Sam 4.


Carter was born on a human colony in the region Icaria Planum on Mars. Other than that, not much is known about his early life.

Sometime during his life, he became a conspiracy theorist and became obsessed with theories relating to the Illuminati. He participated in a redacted leak of some affair that occurred in 2103, after which the government barred him from government service, while he himself also vowed not to work for any government organization. During the Mental War, he accepted a pardon and joined the EDF when his skills were needed. One assignment included the Hermann Stein Alien Technologies Survey. He also founded the "Mothership Malware Masquerade" charity hackathon which lasted from 2106 to 2111.


Serious Sam 4[]

Carter meets up with the rest of the team.

Carter is first seen in the EDF convey heading towards the Vatican to meet up with Father Mikhail, a Russian priest who may know something about the Holy Grail. Their convey comes under attack by Octanian Raiders, but Carter and the rest of the team make it out alive. He is later seen on a bus being driven by Hellfire. She extracts Father Mikhail, Jones, Kenny, Rodriguez and Sam out of Rome and back to base. Carter then appears in the briefing room with the rest of the Alien Artifact Acquisition squad. There, he suggests using the experimental HAARP program to erupt Mount Vesuvius. This would then ground the Octanian raider fleet flying over Italy and allow the team to safely escort Father Mikhail to the Vatican.

While Sam is placing his beacons, Carter tells him that he is taking Father Mikhail to Rome to find more information on the Holy Grail. While in Rome, however, Quinn informs Sam that they lost contact with Carter on his way there. She speculates that making Mount Vesuvius erupt caused earthquakes to hit Rome, which would have forced Carter and Mikhail to take shelter somewhere underground. Sam and Rodriguez are sent to Rome to rescue them and are successful. Carter stays behind with Rodriguez and Mikhail while Sam goes to the Vatican to look for a book that describes the Ark of the Covenant, which could lead them further into finding the Grail's location. Sam succeeds in finding the book, and the team board a plane to Carcassonne. Carter tells his squad that it was captured by Mental's forces a while back. On their way to France, the team's plane comes under attack by raiders, forcing the team to ditch the plane and parachute down into the French countryside.

Sam meets up with Carter and Mikhail.

Carter is not seen again until Sam makes to the castle in Carcassonne. He can be heard on Sam's radio, but Sam cannot respond due to interference with the signal. Carter and Mikhail later show up after a big fight involving Sam and more of Mental's forces. They team up and eventually they find Hellfire and Rodriguez. The team fight their way to the abandoned church, when Lord Achriman suddenly shows up to confront them. The team fight him and Sam kills him to avenge Kenny, whom the latter had killed earlier. Carter and the rest of his friends enter the church and discover the Ark to be in there. Sam is able to take the Grail from the Ark when Brand shows up with some of his men. He reveals his true intentions and that he wants the Grail for himself. He allows the snake on the Grail to bite him, transforming him into a monster and he kills Mikhail in the process. Sam and the team try to stop him, but they are all knocked unconcious by the Grail's powers.

Sam is captured by Brand so he can take him to Mental as a gift, while Carter, Hellfire and Rodriguez and taken by Harvester Drones so they can become processed, but they manage to escape and join up with Sam during the Battle of Tunguksa as EDF soldiers push Mental's armies back towards the portal from where they came from. With the sudden appearance of Ugh-Zan VI, who was summoned by Brand, Sam blows up the rods on Ugh-Zan's body to wound him, and then uses the Grail to finish him off. With Ugh-Zan defeated, Carter and his friends capture Brand and strap him to an ICBM missile. Carter writes the words "from Earth with love" on the warhead and the team launch it into the portal, destroying it.

With thier mission complete and the alien threat neutralized (for the time being, at least), Carter and the gang have a chat over a campfire, talking about the events that took place. During their conversation, Carter continues to ramble on about theories, which annoys Hellfire.

Personality and skills[]

Carter is intelligent and extremely paranoid. These 2 values combined make him a conspiracy theorist. The fact he is a conspiracy theorist often hides his natural intelligence with insane theories, such as believing that the moon landing was staged and that the world leaders are descendants of lizard-people from the planet Sirius. These theories were sometimes even proven true, such as the theory that HAARP was an 'earthquake machine' used to make the volcano of Eyjafjallajökull erupt in Iceland in 2010 to ground all the air traffic in Europe. He is also an expert hacker, leaking classified government information (which got him barred from the government) and he was even able to hack into NETRICSA's database.


Mikhail Obruchev[]

Carter got on well with Father Mikhail and liked to hang around with him and share his wild conspiracy theories. Mikhail seemed to be the only one to take Carter's theories seriously, since everyone else thought he was crazy.

Sam Stone[]

He respected Stone as one of his comrades, despite Sam himself being an anomaly relating to space-time, which is something that Carter is not aware of.


  • His middle name is named after Saint Jerome, a Latin priest, confessor, theologian, and historian.
  • He knows how to play the pipe organ, as seen in the chapter Anathema Unto God.
  • He is absent from Serious Sam 3: BFE, and it is not known what happened to him after the events of Serious Sam 4. It's possible he stayed back at headquarters with Hellfire and Quinn to do some research on the Time-Lock.
  • He wears a hat that with words that say "paranormal investigator".


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