The Cyclops is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam Advance.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Cyclops is a creature that was mutated in Sirian laboratories. It can fire a projectile, but its melee attack is even more dangerous, as its noxious skin can inflict a lot of damage if it gets close to someone.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The rocket launcher works great against the Cyclops. Two rockets will kill it, and the Rocket Launcher's fire speed and the speed of its projectiles ensure that it will quickly kill the Cyclops.
  • If the Cyclops is too close to hit it with a rocket without being harmed from the rocket's explosion, the Double Barrel Coach Gun or Thompson submachine gun work well against it. The coach gun does a good amount of damage per shot, while the Thompson can constantly keep the Cyclops stunned, rendering it nearly harmless.
  • Groups of Cyclopes should be dealt with by using either the minigun or the Rocket Launcher. The minigun's high rate of fire can quickly kill a Cyclops, while the explosion from rockets can kill multiple Cyclopes after two or so rockets.
  • When paired with other enemies, it is a high threat. Its high speed allows it to get closer to the player, allowing it to do things such as absorb attacks meant for other enemies. Taking it out ASAP gives the player more room to maneuver around.

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