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The Croakueen is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental.


The Croakueen is a large green frog-like creature with big bulging eyes on stalks. They are only encountered in Sea of Thoughts. They usually appear one or two at time. An elite variant of the Croakueen exists which has a chance to spawn in the second and third Iterations.

Behavior and skills[]

When not noticing the player, the Croakueen will randomly hop around. Upon seeing the player, she will either produce a small swarm comprised of Toad Hoppers to protect herself. Her second attack is using her extremely strong legs to enable her to perform a massive slam attack. She will make a croaking sound when she is about to leap at the player.

The elite Croakueen, like other elite enemies, has a red outline on her body. They can also leap further than their normal counterparts.


  • One of the best weapons to use against the Croakueen is the Freezegun. Using it on her can halt her movements and prevent her from spawning any Toad Hoppers, which can make it easy to finish her off.
  • Croakueens can close the distance between them and the player quickly due to their size and hop length, thus the player must think quick once they hear the Croakueen start to croak as this is a warning sign that they're about to ram into the player.
  • The Croakueen is quite difficult to deal with if there are other enemies in the room, especially if there are multiple Croakueens.
  • Serious weapons like the Harpoongun, Mini Cannon, Multi-crossbow and Rocket are great weapons for taking out Croakueens.
  • When the Croakueen spawns Toad Hoppers, the player should take them out first or they will swarm all over them and deal lots of damage.
  • The Croakueen is a medium to high-priority target and should be taken out first when there are other enemies present.


  • As Mental studied the Hoppers to increase their potency in battle, he discovered that Croakueens are capable of reproducing extremely quick.


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