Crabs are passive enemies that appear in Serious Sam's Bogus Detour.


Crabs do not directly attack the player, and will flee from the player or any enemies when approached. If the player gets too close to a Crab, they will pinch him with their pincers. There are two types of Crabs, red and blue. Blue Crabs are more aggressive than the red variants. Enemies will react to and attack Crabs in the same way as they would when they notice the player.


Crabs are commonly found on beaches, often in small to medium-sized groups. Crabs can also spawn from crab eggs, and will continue to spawn from them unless they are destroyed.


  • Crabs are not a threat; even a large group is harmless, as long as the player doesn't get too close.
  • Crabs have very low health and are worth very little experience. Thus, they are not worth killing as they post a very little threat.
  • Crabs can serve as a distraction if there are a lot of them in an area where they are many enemies.
  • The Sledgehammer is an effective weapon to use against multiple crabs that are close together.

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