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"Ugh, those Babylonians were were totally crazy!"
Sam, after doing the leap of faith.[src]

The Courtyards of Gilgamesh is the eighth level of Serious Sam: The Second Encounter, Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter and Serious Sam VR: The Second Encounter.


Sam must pass through the courtyards of Gilgamesh to enter the Temple of Gilgamesh, the last obstacle separating him from the Tower of Babel.


  1. After leaving the starting room, head right and you'll notice two ledges sticking out of the wall. Jump on those ledges and from there onto the platform to collect a Super Health, but quickly move away from the platform as a Major Bio-mechanoid will spawn.
  2. At the yard with the two pools, head for the right pool and go behind it to collect an Ammo Pack.
  3. From #2, dive into the opposite pool and go through the only opening you can swim through (the one without grating) and swim a bit until you find an ammo pack.
  4. From #3, continue swimming, there will be a Super Health behind the grating, you should find a crossway underwater, head right and up to find the health.
  5. After swimming through the pool, head for the building but don't enter it. Look to your right, you'll see a tower outside the walls of the yard you're currently in. Zoom in with the sniper rifle and you'll spot a bulls-eye target. Shoot it to lower a part of the right wall with some supplies. Alternatively, you can look for that spot in the wall (it's darkened when compared to the rest of it) and shoot a few rockets at it (5 or so).
  6. Opposite of #5, there is a small darker section on the left wall. Blast it with a rocket to reveal a detonator switch, and then use it to spawn a Highlander.
  7. In the same yard, go around and behind the building with the XL2 Lasergun to collect an item which will spawn the "mutated plant and friends" (2 Minor Bio-mechanoids and a Major Bio-mechanoid).
  8. When entering the building that houses the grenade launcher, head right and follow the hallways until you find a room with a Super Health.
  9. (HD-only) At the narrow corridor in the same building as secret #8, where Sirian Werebulls, Kleers and Cucurbitos spawn, next to the first set of pillars there are some small ledges sticking outside the wall. Jump on those ledges and to the top of the pillar arch. From there, jump to the right or left side of the lamp hanging from the ceiling (if you jump in the middle of it, you will fall down). Repeat this until you have reached the Large Health.
  10. In the room after secret #9, turn left to find a secret armor.
  11. After jumping on the platform into the abyss (where NETRICSA gives you the Leap of Faith message), look up to your left and you'll notice a super health on a ledge. When the platform is below the ledge, shoot a rocket at the ledge and collect it.
  12. At the final courtyard, look to your left outside the wall. Like secret #5, there will be a tower with a bulls-eye target on it. Shoot the target to launch a few super health power-ups in the air, and eventually one will drop down and you can pick it up.