The combine harvester is a vehicle that first appeared in Serious Sam: Next Encounter. The harvester is also set to appear in Serious Sam 4.


The combine harvester appears as an ordinary harvester with a long header that, instead of being used for harvesting crops, is used to grind up hordes of enemies into pieces.

Judging by the vehicle's speed and lack of weapons (other than the cutting platform at the front of the combine), this makes the vehicle vulnerable to ranged opponents such as Major Bio-mechanoids. However, in a teaser screenshot, it shows Sam shooting at a Processed with a firearm, which suggests that the player will be able to fire their weapons from the vehicle to keep attackers away.

Serious Sam: Next EncounterEdit

The combine harvester appears in The Silk Road lost level. When it takes a critical mass of damage or runs out of fuel, the harvester will explode. If it's destroyed by enemies the level will instantly end regardless how far the player has progressed, though they can exit it at any time and leave it aside somewhere it would be safe. Also, the harvester will take damage from bumping into objects, though besides trees, towers and the city walls at the two sides of the level, there aren't many potential dangerous hazards.

Serious Sam 4: Planet BadassEdit

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Serious Sam: Next EncounterEdit

Serious Sam 4: Planet BadassEdit

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