The Colt Anaconda is a revolver that appears in Serious Sam 2. The Colt, along with the Circular Saw and Zap Gun, are one of the weapons the player has when they start on a new planet.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Colt Anaconda fires perfectly accurate bullets. It has infinite ammo, but the player automatically reloads the gun after six shots. The player always holds two of them at once.

If the player is holding the Anaconda and switches to the Uzi, Sam will hold an Anaconda in their left hand and a Uzi in their right hand.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • If the player switches to another weapon, then takes out the Anaconda, the Anaconda is automatically reloaded. Since switching from and back to the anaconda is quicker than the reload animation, you should switch from and back to the weapon in order to quickly reload the gun during a firefight.
  • The Anaconda is great against weak enemies, such as the Orc series of enemies. It usually take around two to six shots to kill one.
  • This weapon also works well against strong enemies if the player is tricky. When encountering a strong enemy, they player should hide behind something and slowly move until a part of the enemy is visible. Then, the player should take out the anaconda and begin firing. Hopefully, the enemy will not move while the player is firing, making the enemy no threat to the player. This also lets the player conserve ammo, which can be very useful in higher difficulties.

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