The Chimputee Battle Master is a boss that appears in Serious Sam: Double D and Serious Sam: Double D: XXL.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Chimputee Battle Master is a huge gorilla with a large saw for one arm and a large, three barreled grenade launcher as another arm. It also has an eye patch that fires lasers at a target. Its lower legs have been replaced with a platform with jets on it, which allow it to fly around. For some reason, it is dressed somewhat like an Egyptian pharaoh, complete with a large hat and golden beetle on its suspenders. Because of the Battle Master's large size, it has a high amount of health.

Attacks and stats[edit | edit source]

The Chimputee Battle Master starts off a battle while using three attacks; lasers, banana grenades and a saw charge. The laser attack is exactly the same as the Minor Bio-mechanoid; it will fire a burst of lasers from one direction, usually low, to another direction, usually upwards.

The banana grenade attack is very similar to the regular Chimputees', as it fires a banana grenade that, when the Battle Master has taken some damage, it will start flying upwards and having a saw land on the ground. After it hits the ground, it will quickly fly forward in one direction until it hits a wall.

When the Battle Master has been killed, a crystal beacon will appear.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • The Battle Master's laser attack can be dodged by jumping between its lasers if they are in the way of the player. There is a noticeable gap between each laser, which gives the player enough room to jump between the lasers.
  • Its banana grenade attack can be dodged by getting on a higher level than the Battle Master is, or if the player is on the highest level, run away from the Battle Master while shooting at the grenades. The Chimputee Battle Master's grenades cannot go upwards, making them harmless if the player is above it when it's firing banana grenades. If the Battle Master is firing at the player and the player is on the highest, level running away from it works best because the Battle Master's grenades will slope downward, still putting the player in danger because the player can easily be under them while they're falling.
  • The Chimputee Battle Master's saw charge attack can be dodged by either jumping over the saw while it's charging, or going on a higher or lower level of the arena in relation to where the Battle Master is charging.
  • Its saw attack can be avoided by simply being on the upper part of the arena. It will never perform that attack on the upper parts of the arena. If the player is gather supplies on the lower parts of the arena and sees the saw coming towards them, all they need to do is jump as soon as they see it.
  • A gunstack with the strongest weapons available to the player at the moment should be used against the Chimputee Battle Master. It has a large amount of health, and the player needs all of the firepower they can get in order to defeat the Battle Master.
  • The Chimputee Battle Master takes much more damage when it's body is hit instead of being hit on it's jets. However, it's shoulder pads will reflect every attack that hits it, so the player has a smaller window to hit it than it seems at first.
  • Later in the battle, the lower part of the arena will be filled with Beheaded Kamikazes. Avoid the lower part as Kamikazes will spawn in at a fairy frequent rate. If the two or so that are on the lowest area detonate near the player at once, the player will suffer a large amount of damage.

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Serious Sam: Double D: XXL[edit | edit source]

Monkey's Uncle.jpg Monkey's Uncle (10G)
Defeat the boss of Ancient Egypt

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