"Why is Mental's subconscious full of cows?"
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The Cerebull is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental. They are encountered in Mental's Forest.

Overview[edit | edit source]

The Cerebull is a green creature that has two horns on the sides of their heads and a ring on its nose. The elite Cerebull is black and has a fuse on its head. There are three variants of Cerebulls, normal, large, and elite. Large and elite Cerebulls have more health and deal more damage than their normal variants.

The idea of a bull-like creature came to Mental during his earliest conquests across space, where he noticed many lifeforms similar to this one utilizing simple, but brutal tactics and strength to trample over their enemies. The Sirian Werebull creature in the real world is the result of the Cerebull idea scheme projected and realized outside of the mindspace.

Occurrence[edit | edit source]

Cerebulls only appear in Mental's Forest, where they are fairly common enemies. The large variant only appears at the end of the level as a boss. The elite version will appear once the player has completed a loop for the first time.

Attacks and stats[edit | edit source]

The Cerebull behaves much like the Sirian Werebull, in that they charge towards the player and attempt to ram into them. If the Cerebull misses, it will turn around to face the player and charge at them again. A Cerebull will become momentarily stunned if it misses its target and crashes into something. The elite Cerebull will explode after it has been killed.

Tactics[edit | edit source]

  • Like the Sirian Werebull, the Cerebull can be dodged by sidestepping left or right.
  • Strong or rapid-fire weapons, like the Machinegun or Mini Cannon, are effective against Cerebulls.
  • The Pistol is not a very good weapon to use against a Cerebull due to many shots it takes to kill one. With the explosive, fire, freeze or shotgun upgrades though, the pistol is much more efficient against them.
  • When enough of their health is depleted, Cerebulls will receive a yellow outline on their body. If the player gets close to the Cerebull while it still has a yellow outline on its body, they can dash into it and kill it instantly, which awards the player with a 'brutal kill'.
  • If the Cerebull hits into a wall, it will become dizzy and unable to move for a few seconds. The player can use this to their advantage by either damaging it while it is dizzy or by escaping away from it if the player can't deal with the Cerebull.
  • Cerebulls can be a dangerous threat when paired with other enemies, as they can deal a lot of damage to the player if they are not careful.
  • Elite Cerebulls are even more dangerous than normal ones due to their higher health and attack damage. Kill them as soon as you see them. Strong weapons work well against them.
  • When dealing with elite Cerebulls, use the Freezegun or the pistol if it has freeze or fire mods to slow them down, then finish them off with a stronger weapon.

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