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The content of this article has been cut or scrapped before its final release.

The Catman is an enemy cut from Serious Sam: The First Encounter. While it has been removed from the final version of the game, it does appear as a functioning enemy in Serious Sam Classics: Revolution and the upcoming Serious Sam Origins.


The Catman was a humanoid cat-like creature equipped with a gun, and would fire a weak projectile at the target. It had no melee attack. There were to be at least 3 variants: the Soldier, General, and Rogue.

Of note is that, compared to other scrapped enemies, the Catman has very basic coding; it has the minimum amount of code required for it to work and nothing more. It does not even have a proper score listing. Only one of the 3 variants has code. This suggests that the Catman was scrapped soon after it was designed. However, it does have a listing in the code that deals with projectiles, while other, more complex, enemies, such as the Driving Robot, do not.


The Catman, among many other enemies that were scheduled to appear in The First Encounter, was ultimately scrapped from the game.



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