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"Shy I am."
―Character select screen quote.[src]

Canned Cain is a playable multiplayer character in the Serious Sam series. He is part of the Serious Eight DLC pack. The Serious Sam HD version of Canned Cain can only be obtained with the Serious Eight DLC, which up until recently could no longer be obtained. In Serious Sam Fusion, he is fully playable in all version supported by the pack if the player has bought him.

In Serious Sam's Bogus Detour, the player can select Canned Cain as their player skin in both singleplayer and co-op modes.


Canned Cain is a man in a green suit of futuristic-looking armor. He has pants with a camouflage pattern on them, a pair of big boots and a grey helmet with advanced light blue glowing optics. Despite his armored appearance, he has the same health as every other character.

Behind the scenes[]

Canned Cain and the Khnum were originally created in collaboration with id Software when working on prototypes for Doom 4 (which would later become Doom 2016). After the deal with id Software fell through, Canned Cain and the Khnum first appeared to the public in a screenshot showing off Serious Engine 3's abilities.

He was in the game's files since Serious Sam HD: The Second Encounter was released, but was only activated when the Serious Eight DLC was released.


  • Canned Cain bears a striking resemblance to the Doom Marine, protagonist of the Doom series of first-person shooters. This is more apparent when many people thought the image with the Khnum was a Doom-related screenshot.


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