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"There isn't a man alive who can fly in here and survive."
Sam to Quinn regarding his need for extraction.[src]

Cairo was the capital of Egypt, and one of the many cities on Earth that was invaded and overrun by Mental's Horde during the Mental War.


Located in northern Egypt, Cairo was the largest city in the country, and one of the largest in the whole of Africa, with a population of over 19 million inhabitants before the start of the war. The city consisted of many high-rise buildings, apartments, office buildings, and skyscrapers. Most of these buildings were destroyed or heavily damaged during the war on Earth; most of the damage was due to Mental's warships leveling the buildings with their scorcher beams.

Cairo during the Mental War[]

An abandoned street in Cairo.

When Mental's forces attacked Earth, Cairo was one of the most heavily hit cities. There was also little to no traces of human life left in the city as most of its inhabitants were killed or fled. Ammunition, armor and other military supplies, vehicles and equipment suggested that the city was recently under a siege by Mental's forces, which it seemed the humans lost. ASU 7 Automatic Sentry Units, originally meant to fend off hordes of Mental's forces, were still active, which made some locations in the city very dangerous for anyone who was still alive in the city. As the city had become abandoned, the streets had become desolate and hostile places.

Mental's forces had transformed parts of the city for their own needs as well. Antaresian Spiders formed large nests to lay their eggs, both on the streets and inside buildings; Major Bio-mechanoids were emplaced in certain spots in the city to shoot down any air support that flew into it; Scythian Witch-Harpies existed in the suburbs, waiting on top of buildings for prey; Technopolyps flew around in the skies; Adult Arachnoids, Beheaded Rocketeers, Cloned Soldiers, Hatchling Arachnoids and Kleer Skeletons patrolled the streets, looking out for any signs of trouble; and Gnaars feasted upon the less fortunate for sustenance.

Places of interest[]

Great Pyramid of Giza[]

Main article: Great Pyramid of Giza

Located a few miles just outside the city, this large structure was constructed by the Ancient Egyptians during the Fourth Dynasty of Egypt. The pyramid's purpose had remained a mystery for millenia until a secret entrance leading to it was unearthed.

Egyptian Museum[]

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The Egyptian Museum housed a large collection of Ancient Egyptian artifacts and treatures. It later became an auxiliary depot in 2015, and then abandoned after Cairo was taken over by Mental's forces.

Mosque of Ibn Tulun[]

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The Ibn Tulun mosque was the oldest and largest mosque in Cairo.


Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

Team Alpha on an UH-60 Black Hawk, en route to the Egyptian Museum.

Cairo plays an important role early in the game's campaign. Serious Sam and the rest of Team Alpha are sent into Cairo to rescue Professor Stein from the Egyptian Museum, who has important data about the Time-Lock. Unfortunately, their helicopter is shot down soon after they enter the city. Sam finds a way into the museum, but is too late to save Stein, as he is killed before he can be rescued. Not all hope is lost though, as Sam did save the research that he found. After uploading the data, Sam escapes from the museum.

Once Sam is back out on the streets, he is contacted by Garret, who is tasked with extracting Sam out of the city. He gets to the extraction point, the Ibn Tulun mosque, but before Garret can land, his helicopter is shot down. After defeating a Major Bio-mechanoid, Sam hurries to the helicopter's crash site to rescue Garret, but as soon as he approaches it, a strange creature takes control of the helicopter, transforming it into a Technopolyp. Sam runs from the Technopolyp, shutting down minigun turrets while eliminating any threats that stand in his way. He finds an XPML21 Rocket Launcher near a gate, and uses it to destroy the Technopolyp. Instead of calling in for another helicopter, Sam decides to make his way out of the city and to the Great Pyramid on his own.

Going through the gate, Sam soons come under attack by multiple Scythian Witch-Harpies. Sam kills them and continues his fight through the city. Eventually, he finds himself in a large open area with ruined buildings everywhere and a huge flock of Harpies that have been teleported in. Right after they're killed, a warship appears and attempts to kill Sam. Thanks to some quick thinking, Sam manages to deal enough damage to the warship to make it retreat. With the area clear, Sam finds a car and uses it to drive out of the city.

Like the rest of Egypt, Cairo was completely destroyed when Earth's Moon was hurled into it.


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