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The Bullmare is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental.


The Bullmare is an unstable version of the Cerebull schema. Its form is not completely realized and cannot be directly destroyed except for explosions or when all of the non-nightmare enemies in the room have been killed.

Bullmares appear only in Nightmare Caves. They are not as common as other ghost enemies.

Behavior and skills[]

Like the Cerebull, the Bullmare's only attack is to charge into the player. If it misses, it will try again.


  • Just like with the Cerebull, the Bullmare can be avoided by strafing or dashing.
  • Using explosive weapons such as the Bomber, Grenade Launcher or Rocket, or using Bomb's ability is very useful against Bullmares.
  • When playing as NETRICSA, use her ability to suck Bullmares in and fire a rocket or bomb at them to kill them more easily.

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