The Bull Soldier is a red, demon-like humanoid creature that appears in Serious Sam 2. They are equipped with two rocket launchers that are attached to their arms.


The Bull Soldier will fire its rockets one at a time, with each rocket aimed at the direction the player is moving. Once both rockets are fired, the Bull Soldier will have a brief “charge-up” period, then fire again.


  • The best way to avoid a Bull Soldier's rockets is to keep moving and strafing. This makes it much more difficult for the Bull Soldier to hit the player.
  • The RAPTOR Sniper Rifle makes quick work of the Bull Soldier, as two scoped hits can kill it. This can be very useful for taking about faraway bull soldiers that are harassing the player from a distance.
  • Groups of Bull Soldiers should be dealt with by using the minigun. The amount of damage it does and its high rate of fire allow the player to dispatch them quickly.
  • Despite their low health, Bull Soldiers are a real threat because of how much damage their rockets do, especially at higher difficulty levels. They should be one of the first enemies targeted when with other enemies.
  • The Bull Soldier can be taken down with the rocket launcher, but it is recommended that you aim for their feet, because a rocket fired at the chest will usually collide with a rocket fired by the Bull Soldier, destroying both rockets.


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