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The Boombat is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental.


The Boombat is essentially a flying version of the Bombhead. They appear as creatures with white bat-like wings and a lit fuse on top of their heads. There are two types of Boombats, normal and elite. The elite version can be identified from the red outline on its body.

Further attempting to conceive methods to level cities and crush resistances, Mental realized that his may of to utlitize airborne units as ground troops did not have nearly the level of accessbility or element of surprise he desired. The Boombat may appear to be an offset of the Scythian Witch-Harpy, and perhaps Mental envisioned them with a similar fate to the Beheaded Kamikazes.

The Boombat is encountered in Nightmare Caves. They will appear in small groups alongside other enemies like Choculamares. The elite variant has a rare chance to spawn, becoming more common in Nightmare Caves V2 and Nightmare Caves V3.

Behavior and skills[]

Boombats are evasive and swift, and will dodge the player's bullets as they fly closer to them. Due to their fragility, they will likely attempt to sneak up on the player as they deal with more threatening enemies such as Red Widows. Once they are targeted, they often corner themselves doing this, where they can be safely dispatched from range. After death, they rupture their lungs and self-destruct, creating a large explosion.

The elite version of the Boombat has more health and deals more damage with its explosion.


  • The Boombat has low health, making it easy to kill with the Pistol. However, as they dodge bullets fired by the player, precise aim is needed for taking them out.
  • The Sledgehammer is surprisingly effective against it, as after the hammer hits the Boombat, it will be pushed away and explode away from the player.
  • The Boombat can be used for the player's advantage, such as for dealing damage to Red Widows or killing the nightmare enemies in the room, as the latter are vulnerable to explosions.
  • Boombats can be avoided by dashing or jumping away from them.
  • In comparison with other enemies, Boombats are a low-medium threat, though the player may be caught off guard and damaged in their explosions if they're not careful.
  • Elite Boombats are more dangerous than the normal ones and should be eliminated from a safe distance rather than at close to medium range. As they have more health as well, strong weapons should be used against them.


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