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Bonus Content cover.

The Bonus Content is a DLC for Serious Sam 3: BFE. It is available to purchase on the Steam store for $9.15, or £6.99 in the UK.


Unlike other DLCs in the series, the Bonus Content doesn't add a new campaign. Instead it includes several new features, which consists of:

  • The original soundtrack of the game in AAC, FLAC and WMA formats.
  • The Brett Sanderson player model.
  • A sniper scope for the AS-24 Devastator, but only for the single-player campaign.
  • A making-of video of the game (in Croatian, with English subtitles).
  • A digital 42-page colored artwork album.
  • A digital copy of the game's box art.
  • High-resolution images of the game's posters.
  • High-resolution versions of the game's different trailers.

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