The Bloater is an enemy that appears in I Hate Running Backwards.


The Bloater is a corpse filled with acid and excruciatingly smelly gas. They are similar to the Beheaded Kamikaze, but are much more endurable and dangerous.

Attacks and statsEdit

Bloaters move towards the player and explode in a cloud of poison when they get too close to them. Like Kamikazes, they also explode when killed. Like most other enemies, Bloaters have tiered variants that move a bit faster and have more health than their normal variants.


  • Shotguns are effective weapons against Bloaters, as they can kill them in 2-3 hits. Rapid-fire weapons also work well, but they take a bit longer time to kill the Bloater.
  • Another option is for the player to bait the Bloater into activating its self destruct. Approach the Bloater closely enough, then immedietaly pull back when it stretches its arm, which denotes it is about to explode. This works well if the Bloaters are alone, but is a dangerous risk should the Bloater appears with many other enemies at their side.
  • Like Kamikazes, it is recommended to make Bloaters explode near other enemies, as they can deal damage to them.


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