The Black Arachnoid is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental. It is encountered in the Arachnoid boss fight in Nightmare Caves.


The Black Arachnoid is a scorpion-like creature that resembles the Bombhead.


Like Bombheads, Black Arachnoids are often spawned in small groups during the boss fight.


The Black Arachnoid's only attack is to explode into the player. They also explode after being killed. Like other explosive enemies, the player can set off a chain reaction by blowing up a Black Arachnoid that is next to other ones. When they die, they turn into an Arachnomare.


  • Just like with the Bombhead, avoid Black Arachnoids as often as possible. Use the Sledgehammer to keep them away if you're being swarmed by them or other enemies.
  • Since they are very weak enemies, it only takes one Pistol shot to kill them.
  • Lure them into the center to have the Devouer kill them, or have them lined up with other enemies to blow them up.
  • With groups of them, the Machinegun or Shotgun work well.

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