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The Bio-mechanoids are a species of cyborgs encountered in the Serious Sam franchise.


In addition to representatives of primitive races, like animals, zombies and robots, Mental uses genetics to provide his army with special forces. Bio-mechanoids are some of the harshest creatures raised in Mental's biofactories. They are created on the basis of living cells taken from birds by "reprogramming" the natural set of chromosomes. In large reservoirs filled with nutrient solution, these cells grow into full-fledged living creatures. Their genetic code has been modified so that their body parts have the same shape and structure as normal machinery. Thanks to this, even in the most difficult conditions, Bio-mechanoids demonstrate good performance, and in case of injuries, they can be cured (or repaired) using standard industrial tools and parts.

The Bio-mechanoid eats very little, but stores a significant amount of electrical energy in natural batteries located inside its body. These batteries are large and appear as a brain. This device serves as a powerful energy source for the Bio-mechanoid's weaponry, but limits its tactical processing capacity to basic search-and-destroy operations. The batteries can be recharged by connecting to an external source.

Appearance-wise, Bio-mechanoids appear as large chunks of meat anchored on two long mechanical legs. They have a small face in front of their body, and weapons are attached to the edges of the body. There are two types of Bio-mechanoid: the Minor Bio-mechanoid, which stands about 15 feet high and armed with lasers, and the Major Bio-mechanoid, which stands up to 30 feet high, is much tougher and armed with two rocket launchers. Despite their weak intellect, Bio-mechanoids can move quite quickly on their mechanical legs, and, thus, are able to single-handedly withstand entire units of human soldiers. Their mechanical legs contain servo rotors which are very loud when the Bio-mechanoid moves.

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