The Belcher is an enemy that will appear in Serious Sam 4.


The Belcher is an obese humanoid creature that stands about 8 feet tall with chains covering his belly. He has greenish-yellow skin covered with yellow warts. He also has short, stubby appendanges growing on his head. He has quite slow movement, much slower than that of the player's walking speed.

Behavior and skillsEdit

As seen from gameplay footage, when the Belcher spots the player, it will begin spitting vomit or acid projectiles at them. Once the player kills it, the Belcher will release a large explosion of acid. This acid will damage the player or any enemies near it.[1]


  • The Belcher doesn't have much health; a single or few shots from the double shotgun is enough to kill it, so long as most or all of the pellets connect.

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