The Beheaded VaporWave is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam Classics: Revolution.


The Beheaded VaporWave is a headless humanoid wearing a light blue T-shirt. He is an executed Sirian soldier, equipped with a strange claw-gun in one hand, and holds its head on the other, which is used to obtain visual and sound data. They have a bit higher health in comparison to other Beheaded soldiers.

Like other new enemies featured in the game, the VaporWave doesn’t appear in the original levels, and only appears in them in co-op mode if the mutator that replaces original enemies with new ones is enabled. However, they appear in one of the survival levels and in the Bright Island campaign.

Behavior and skillsEdit

The VaporWave is similar in behavior to the Beheaded Firecracker as that it fires projectiles from its gun. The differences are that the VaporWave fires its projectiles in all directions, and the projectile it fires is randomised, such as the Zorg Mercenary’s beam, the Minor Bio-mechanoid’s laser and the Harpy’s projectile.


  • Like the Firecracker, its projectiles can be avoided by jumping over them.
  • Both shotguns, the Schofield .45 and the Thompson submachine gun are effective weapons against the VaporWave.
  • When encountered with other enemies, the VaporWave is a medium-high priority target, as the projectiles it fires can give the less space to dodge other enemy attacks. As such, the player should try to kill it as quickly as possible.

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