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"These guys have seriously lost their heads!"
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The Beheaded Kamikaze (known as the Kamikaze Marine in Serious Sam: Next Encounter) is an executed Sirian soldier that has been raised from the dead by Mental using cyber-zombification technology. Unlike other beheaded infantry, the head of the Kamikaze has been ruined, therefore, he is employed for suicidal attacks in the form of primitive fragmentation grenades.

Having appeared in almost every Serious Sam game since the series began, Kamikazes have become one of the most iconic (and revered) enemies in the franchise.


Like other beheaded soldiers, the Kamikaze is equipped with a life control unit, a device that controls the removed upper part of the central nervous system. The device includes crude sensory modules and a vocal synthesizer.


Kamikazes, along with Kleer Skeletons, are one of the most frequently encountered enemies in the series. They often appear from the first level onwards and become much more numerous later on. In the final levels, they can be seen in large swarms several dozen strong.


As Kamikazes are intended for suicidal attacks, this, in combination with the scream produced by the LCU's basic vocal synthesizer, can both confuse and instill fear in enemy forces.

Behavior and skills[]

Kamikazes have one purpose: they will run directly at the target, regardless of distance or location, until they are at a close enough range to explode or are killed. This detonation occurs at an approximate radius of 2-3 feet. If killed, the Kamikaze will explode. Kamikazes are very fast, tending to hunt in groups. However, the impanted life control unit has limited AI and usually cannot discern obstacles, only some cliff faces or sheer drops, leading them to get stuck regularly or entering friendly fire. While extremely weak compared to bigger, tougher enemies, their attacks can devastate the player, ripping through armor and health. They are not immune to their own grenades, however, so the player can use this to their advantage whean dealing with groups. If timed correctly, this can initate a chain reaction that sets off the entire swarm.

Like Kleer Skeletons, Kamikazes will sometimes perform flanking maneuvers to dodge the player's attacks when they merely put their crosshairs on them at medium to close range while rushing straight at the player at other times - this tactic may let groups of Kamikazes surround the player.

In Serious Sam: Double D: XXL, an armored Kamikaze variant exists. He's slightly harder to kill than his regular variant, as the armor can deflect bullets and laser beams to a certain extent. They are still vulnerable to explosive weapons.

Tier 2 Kamikazes in I Hate Running Backwards will drop a large bomb after death, which detonates after a few seconds.

Another variant of the Kamikaze, the Obsidian Elite Kamikaze, appears in Serious Sam's Bogus Detour. This version of Kamikaze is far more dangerous and has more health. If they are set on fire, they will sprint towards the player and explode.



  • As Kamikazes cannot typically be avoided, they are top priority targets when other enemies are present when Kamikazes are at close to medium range. However, there are times when the enemies shielding Kamikazes may have to be taken out before the Kamikazes themselves. Since Kamikazes have low durability and do not have a ranged attack, they are a medium priority target at far range as enemies with more immediate attacks should be dealt with before them.
  • If a Kamikaze is almost at detonation range, the player can fire at him once with a low-powered weapon, such as small-arms fire. Firing one shot (if he is at or close to full health) will make him flinch; causing him to halt for a moment and giving the player enough time to retreat out of the blast radius and finish him off. The same tactic can be used against groups of Kamikazes by shooting the one in front once and then killing it when the rest of the group catches him, taking out the whole swarm.
  • It is possible to maneuver Kamikazes into the line of fire of other enemies to deal while the player is preoccupied with other enemies. Lead them into the path of a Major Bio-mechanoid's rockets or Minor Bio-mechanoid's lasers, put them between the player and a charging Sirian Werebull, or use them to block Kleer chainballs.
  • Because Kamikazes explode upon death, it's ideal to have them explode near other targets, dealing damage or causing a chain reaction among other Kamikazes.
  • Kill them first before focusing the player's attention on other enemies. Prioritize them more if they come in groups and are closing in within the player's position.

Serious Sam 1[]

  • Beheaded Kamikazes are extremely easy to kill, though because of their sheer numbers and their tendencies often rush in among other enemies, they should be dispatched first and foremost. Ideal weapons are the Thompson submachine gun or other automatic weapons, which can usually kill a Kamikaze with two bullets.
  • Shotguns have limited effectiveness, as the player will require closer range to use these weapons effectively; it's typically better to use the much more accurate Schofields to eliminate the Kamikaze from far away.
  • Explosives are also effective, but because of the Kamikaze's weakness, they are typically unnecessary.
  • Using melee weapons, such as the P-LAH Chainsaw or Military Knife, is not recommended. The player will be in the Kamikaze's blast radius and lose a significant portion of the player's health if they use melee weapons.
  • In The Second Encounter, the player can fire a shot of napalm from the XOP Flamethrower to stun Kamikazes if they get too close. While the Kamikazes are immobile from the fire damage, this gives the player a chance to escape before he explodes.
  • The XM214-A Minigun is not recommended to use against Kamikazes unless the player is being overwhelmed by other enemies that will pose a threat. It's a waste of ammo, especially in Serious Sam HD, where the minigun can kill a Kamikaze in one shot.
  • The XL2 Lasergun is fairly useful for large groups, as it only takes one beam to kill a Kamikaze. However, as ammunition for the weapon is uncommon throughout the games (especially in The Second Encounter), it is best to save the weapon for large hordes.

Serious Sam 2[]

  • The Auto Shotgun is great for a small quantity of Kamikazes.
  • Groups of Kamikazes must be dealt with using the Uzi, XM214-A Minigun, or Beam Gun; their quick-fire rate is brilliant to dispatch a large quantity of Kamikazes.
  • Since they are fairly weak, the Colt Anaconda is a viable option.
  • Thanks to the latest patch, the player is able to sprint in this installment, which may come useful when trying to evade groups of Kamikazes.

Serious Sam: Double D[]

  • For groups of Kamikazes, weapons like the 12 Gauge Shotgun and Thompson submachine gun work extremely well against them, and can destroy groups of them with ease.
  • Another great weapon to use on large groups of Kamikazes is the 0-4377 Flamethrower, as it can easily burn the Kamikazes and destroy them very quickly.
  • For armored Kamikazes, try and shoot at their backs whenever possible, as their armor only covers the front.
  • Explosive weapons like the LM32 Rocket Launcher and MadDog Grenade Launcher are recommended against armored Kamikazes. The Thompson and XL4 Lasergun do not work very well against them.

Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

  • Thanks to the sprinting mechanic, this may allow the player to outrun groups of Kamikazes if running away in a straight line, avoiding sudden curves. This isn't always possible on higher difficulties.
  • If the game settings are set too high, or if the player is using a low-performance PC. Big groups of Kamikazes exploding at once can cause severe lag due to the gibs and dust clouds left behind from their explosions. This can leave the player extremely vulnerable to more Kamikazes coming from the dust clouds without having time to react. A way to counteract this is by setting the graphics or particles to a lower value in the game menu.
  • The M29 Infantry Assault Rifle and SOP38 Pistol work very well with small to medium-sized groups, especially when the player fires when aiming down the sights.
  • As the 12 Gauge Pump-Action Shotgun has increased range in this installment, this makes it an effective anti-Kamikaze weapon from close to medium range. Just be sure to reload every now and then to make sure they don’t get too close to the player.
  • The Sirian Mutilator is effective for dealing with small to medium-sized groups of Kamikazes. The player can only lasso up to five Kamikazes at once, but if timed right; this will create a large chain explosion after the charge has been released, blowing up any Kamikazes near the ones that have been targeted with the Mutilator.

Serious Sam's Bogus Detour[]

  • Kamikazes are very fast in this installment and should be treated as first-priority targets just like in the other games.
  • Kill Kamikazes when they are grouped with other enemies, as the Kamikaze's explosion can be used to injure or kill other enemies.
  • Shotguns like the Auto Shotgun, pump shotgun, and Super Shotgun are very useful against groups of Kamikazes in small to medium groups.
  • If Kamikazes are closing in, the player should keep their distance and dash away from them if necessary. Try not to get cornered when engaging Kamikazes.
  • Kamikazes can be a useful asset for setting off mines in minefields, but be sure to not be near the Kamikazes or the mines when in the area.

Serious Sam 4[]

  • The assault rifle is generally the best weapon for dealing with Kamikazes. Dual-wielded assault rifles can easily finish off large groups of them, but it burns through ammunition quickly and the player should fire in bursts to improve accuracy.
  • Since the lasergun and ammo for it are more common in this game compared to Serious Sam 3, the latter also makes an effective anti-Kamikaze weapon. Given the weapons' damage output, the player can take a out Kamikaze with the lasergun in one shot.
  • If the player is low on assault rifle or lasergun ammo, the pump shotgun's grenade launcher works just as well on groups. The explosion will set off a chain reaction that will likely eliminate the entire group.
  • The Autoshotgun is another great weapon for taking out Kamikazes. Since it doesn't need to be pumped after each shot, this makes it an even more reliable choice than the pump shotgun.

Related achievements[]

Serious Sam 3: BFE[]

Achievement Chain Explosion.jpg
Chain Explosion 5 Gscore.png Ps 3 bronze.png
Kill at least 5 headless kamikazes in one explosion.

Serious Sam 3 VR: BFE[]

Achievement Chain Explosion SS3VRBFE.jpg
Chain Explosion
Kill at least 5 headless kamikazes in one explosion.

Serious Sam Fusion[]

Achievement Chain Explosion SSF.jpg
Chain Explosion
Kill at least 5 headless kamikazes in one explosion.

Behind the scenes[]

  • In Test 1, the Kamikaze had a sharp metallic mechanism attached to his back. In the final version, this was replaced with a different object that connects from the back of his neck down to the end of the spinal column. Aside from this and a small pants and boots re-texturing, Kamikazes retained a very similar appearance to their final state, a trait shared among other headless enemies.


  • "Kamikaze" is Japanese for "Divine Wind" (神風). It originally referred to two storms that each destroyed Mongolian invasion fleets bound for Japan. During the Second World War, however, it took on its now much more common meaning, referring to the suicidal attacks by Japanese aviators, mostly against American naval forces. This usage has since become common in American language to refer to suicidal attacks of any kind.
  • In all Serious Sam games, Kamikazes are referred to as "Beheaded", but in Serious Sam 3, the title is changed to "Headless".
  • In some games, Kamikazes have appeared in various ways in some secrets. In The Second Encounter, one secret shows him disguised as a bush, and another appearing as a much larget version carrying massive bombs. When the colossal Kamikaze explodes, it has a massive explosion radius and this can severely wound or even kill the player at medium range.
  • In Serious Sam HD, it's actually possible to exploit the coding to "ride" Beheaded Kamikazes, by timing a careful jump. If performed correctly, the player will land on top of the Kamikaze, and they will continue to try and chase the player above fruitlessly.
  • In Serious Sam 3, enemies (along with the player) can be killed by a provoked Sandwhale if they’re within its range. Due to the nature of the Sandwhale's insta-death mechanic, gibbing is not possible. Since Kamikazes do not have a death animation, they will simply default to an idle state and will not react to anything if killed this way. This can be easily observed with god mode enabled.



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