Beelmez IV is a planet mentioned in several Serious Sam titles.

Overview[edit | edit source]

Beelmez IV is a planet located in an unknown part of the universe. It is home to the Zorgs, a species of humanoid, reptilian-like creatures. These species managed to create a large instellar empire, but after conquering lots of planets, they decided to take a vacation on one of the tropical planets in their system. Eventually, this soon paid off, as they were left with little to no skin left on their bodies due to exposure to intense solar radiation. Soon after, Mental came across the Zorgs, and decided to have them join his army.

In Serious Sam's Bogus Detour, the Zorgs attempted to get their skin back involving various dangerous experiments with a toxic chemical called the ooze. This gave them their skin back, but also horribly mutated them into green creatures who called themeselves 'Orcs', in order to separate themselves from the skinless Zorg population. The ooze was eventually banned by the Zorgs and had the Orc population shipped off to another planet far away from Beelmez IV.

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