The Arachnoid is the fourth boss of Serious Sam: Tormental. It is encountered at the end of Nightmare Caves.


The Arachnoid is a massive green scorpion-like creature with a large gaping eye and two sharp teeth. It doesn't wield a chaingun like those of its classic counterparts from Serious Sam 1.


The Arachnoid's only attack is to sting the player when they get too close. During the boss fight, several types of Arachnoid will spawn, such as the Red Arachnoid.


  • For obvious reasons, do not get too close to the Arachnoid during the boss fight.
  • Strong weapons like the Electric Shotgun, Mini Cannon and Shotgun are very useful against the Arachnoid and any enemies that are spawned in the fight.
  • Try to concentrate your fire on the Arachnoid as much as you can. It is best to kill it as soon as possible before you get swarmed by enemies.

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