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The Arachnithid Spawn is an enemy that appears in Serious Sam: Tormental.


The Arachnithid Spawn is the basic child of the Arachnithid Matriarch and the basic Arachnithid schema. Many variations exist, but the spawn is the first original one.

Mental has closely researched the terror caused by insectoids in sentients across the galaxy, and found that the sentients not only found giant insectoids terrifying, but swarms of tiny insects brought them even more nightmares. Mental just had to adapt this idea to the base Arachnithid schema, creating the Matriach and its many children.

They are encountered during the boss fight against the Matriach in Nightmare Caves.

Behavior and skills[]

The Arachnithid Spawn's only attack is to get close to the player and damage them with its sting. Like other Arachnithids, they turn into an Arachnithid Terror when killed.


  • As with other Arachnithids, the Arachnithid Spawn should be avoided as much as possible. They have weak health, but can become a nuisance and distract the player when they spawn in large numbers.
  • The Pistol and Sledgehammer work well against this enemy owing to its low health.
  • Other weapons like the Freezegun, Electric Shotgun and Shotgun are also great weapons.

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