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Antaresian Spiders are a species that are encountered in several Serious Sam games.


Antaresian spiders are a non-sentient species of arachnid-like aliens from the planet Antares Prime, of the Antares system. Their homeworld orbits a super-giant star, which has resulted in the planet's organisms to grow very large; the hatchlings, despite being newborn spiders, are at least the size of a domestic cat, while the juveniles can reach up to 3 meters wide.

Behavior and skills[]

Like the species of arachnids found on Earth, Antaresian spiders have adhesive surfaces on their feet, which enables to cling onto and ceilings. They can also weave webs just like regular spiders.

On the spider's tail are glands which can quickly produce vast quantities of poisonous acid, which they use to fire at their prey from a distance. Antaresian spiders also have powerful jaws which they use to bite the target at close proximity.


Little is known about how Antaresian spiders reproduce, though they are known to live underground in cocoons. These cocoons are very sensitive to noise, and the hatchling inside will immediately come bursting forth should they be disturbed. If a loud noise is set off in an area with lots of cocoons, the eggs will hatch all at once, resulting in a swarm of spiders.

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