The Ammo Crate is an item that appears in Serious Sam 3: BFE.


The ammo crate is a crate filled with an infinite supply of either 180mm Inferno missiles or C-4 Demolition Charges. These crates appear to be manufactured by the Earth Defense Force and use an unknown generator technology to resupply the crates. The color of the crate depends on its contents; green boxes have rockets, while dark red boxes have C-4 charges.

When an ammo crate is opened, it will completely refill the specified ammo that's shown on the box. The box will then close, which can then be opened to get more ammo. It never runs out of ammo. In co-op, it will refill the ammo type for everyone, no matter who opens it.

Ammo crates are often found near enemies that require explosives, such as the Khnum and Technopolip.


  • When the player is fighting an enemy that's only vulnerable to explosives, you should try to find an ammo crate and note its location in case you run out of explosives and need to grab more.
  • Ammo crates are also handy for filing up ammo to use for clearing out large groups of enemies, such as restocking on C-4 charges to lay traps and getting extra rocket ammo to clear out groups of enemies without having to use ammo for other weapons.


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