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"That's Triple-A, rookie. Get used to it."
Jones to Kenny.[src]

The Alien Artifact Acquisition team, abbreviated as A.A.A. (pronounced Triple-A) was a task force of soldiers within the Earth Defense Force focused on the acquisition and use of alien artifacts such as the Holy Grail and the Time-Lock.


The Alien Artifact Acquisition was a relatively small elite squad within the EDF consisting of troops hand-picked by General Brand of the Earth Defense Force. The team is tasked with the location, acquisition, storage and use of alien artifacts in order to support the EDF through the Mental War. The A.A.A. had a support and field soldier division capable of creating a convoy of six vehicles and at least one helicopter and airplane, but the exact size of the team and the amount of resources allocated to it was not known. A group of scientists also collaborated with the A.A.A.. The AAA doesn't seem to have any headquarters, which allowed it to freely move around Earth in pursuit of artifacts.


An A.A.A. poster featuring Sam.

The A.A.A. put up propaganda posters alongside the Earth Defense Force in cities and around military outposts to encourange humanity to keep fighting and to not give up during the fight with Mental. They also warned people not to handle alien artifacts by themselves, and to leave it to the team to deal with it.



The A.A.A. had access to most of the weapons used by the Earth Defense Force. Heavy weapons such as the XM214-A Minigun were rarely used and only in special circumstances. Soldiers were allowed and possibly even encouraged to pick up weapons and ammunition found on the field.

Small arms weapons[]

Fixed weapons/artillery[]



The A.A.A. team used several standard ground and air transport vehicles to move the team from one location to another.


The A.A.A. team had advanced technology, though not much of it was seen. Most members of the AAA team, like in the EDF, used an earpiece to communicate with one another.

Known members[]

Several unnamed soldiers are also seen throughout the game.