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A King's Tail is the first level and environment of I Hate Running Backwards.

Overview[edit | edit source]

A King's Tail is a level set in Egypt, and it contains several large obelisks, pyramids, buildings and objects, which can be destroyed for getting Mojo.

As this this the first level of the game, the enemies in this level are not very difficult to fight against. The most common enemies encountered in the level are Hatchling Antaresian Spiders and Beheaded Kamikazes, which can be easily killed with automatic weapons. Beheaded Rocketeers sometimes appear on the bottom and fire rockets at the player which can prove a bit of a nuisance, though they can also be easily killed and their rockets can be deflected by the hammer attack. The Mummy is the strongest enemy encountered in the level, though they can be easily killed with a shotgun.

The level's namesake boss is the King Scorpion. The area he is fought in has a few obstacles, especially the walls are what can make running away from his horde of Spiders a tricky matter.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The level contains a few traps. There are explosive traps which fire off an arrow when the player steps over a tile, and also a few red barrels that explode on contact with the player or a projectile. Included as well are saws, which move along a fixed pattern on the ground. The saws are destroyed if they damage the player. Watchtowers also appear, but quite rarely.

There are also minefields which the player must find a safe path through to cross without taking any damage from the mines scattered on the ground.

Occasionally, the player gets to ride a humvee. When riding the humvee, the player can charge through the buildings while they are riding the humvee in order to get extra Mojo. Sirian Werebulls are encountered while driving the humvee, though they can be easily killed with the vehicle's minigun.

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