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The APC 404 Dropship is an aircraft that appears in Serious Sam 2.


The APC 404 is the best dropship in Mental's arsenal. It can hold up to two dozen armored soldiers in addition to a full-blown jacuzzi, leather chairs and a plasma TV. The ship's walls are thick enough that anyone in it will not be affected by any attacks on the ship.

A blue variant of the dropship is used by members of the Alliance.


The dropship is basically used for deploying troops, such as Orc soldiers. It has no weapons equipped and thus is unable to defend itself from attacks.


The dropship is rare, appearing only in a handful of levels. The most prominent level it appears in is Jungle. It is also seen in a few cutscenes deploying troops into areas where they are needed.


  • Despite what the manual's description says, the dropship has no weapons. The player can get right next to the enemies it spawns and kill them while they spawn with no problems.
  • The dropship has a high amount of health, so destroying it is somewhat difficult. The XPML30 Rocket Launcher can destroy the dropship, but it takes several hits to do so. The CH-181 Hover Bike works well against a dropship thanks to its high rate of fire, so use that if possible.
  • The best time to destroy a dropship is while it's flying. It moves slowly in one direction and has no way to fight back, making it an easy target.
  • Trying to destroy the dropship while it's deploying enemies isn't as effective as killing the enemies it drops. It has a lot of health, and it targeting the dropship makes the player vulnerable to enemy attacks. Trying to focus on both the dropship and the enemies is more difficult and draining on ammo than just targeting the enemies, as it forces the player to devote their attention to both hitting the dropship and the enemies it drops.


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